Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Kunekune’s are not your average pig. This small breed of pig originated in New Zealand and was near extinction when they were rediscovered in the 70’s and imported into North America in the 90’s. This breed of pig is known for their friendly and calm personality. They adore human interaction which makes them easier to handle than other breeds of swine. Kunekune’s are a grazing pig so they can be fed entirely on good quality pasture. Our pigs are rotated on pasture while the grass is lush and fed a combination of hog grain, hay, and fresh fruits and veggies during the winter. Because of their docile nature and small upturned snouts, they are less destructive to the pasture.


Job Description: Captain of the Boar Team

DOB: 05.06.2017

Tough and stocky but not an A+ student. Favourite activities include afternoon naps, belly rubs and hogging the entire mud puddle.

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Job Description: Herd Rascal

DOB: 05.02.2017

Energetic and agile, you have to keep an extra eye on this this one if you have an apple in your pocket.

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Job Description: Herd Drama Queen

DOB: 12.13.2014

She’s calm and gentle but if the other pig tries to steal her apple, she’ll squeal bloody murder.

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Job Description: Herd Sweetheart

DOB: 05.06.2017

Wide eyes and a toothy grin that are impossible not to love.

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Job Description: Herd Cheerleader

DOB: 05.01.2017

Small and feisty, she has to use creative ways to make sure she gets her fair share of the treats and does so successfully!

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KuneKune Piglets
Various colours available
$1000 each
See photo gallery below!