Plymouth Rock Barred Chickens

Rooster, Hens, Eggs


Plymouth Rock Barred Chickens

Rooster, Hens, Eggs


Chickens & Eggs



These chickens are some of our favourite creatures on the farm. Aside from their main purpose, eggs and meat, they provide us with endless entertainment. We have nicknamed them “the linebackers” here because they all come charging when they see us to get their treats and cuddles. Plymouth Rocks are a perfect homestead chicken. They are a dual purpose breed that lay large brown eggs (averaging 200 eggs a year) and grow quickly so extra roosters can be used for meat. They have a very mellow temperament and are a joy to have on the farm. Although they love to free range, they will tolerate confinement well if given adequate space.

Breeding Program Goals

  • to focus on breed standard and breed for improved overall conformation, colour and barring.
  • improved egg laying ability and egg size
  • good sized birds for meat purposes
  • broody hens who are good sitters and mothers
  • docile temperament and friendly roosters who are easy on the ladies
  • healthy and hearty birds who are resistant to parasites and illness.


Eggs are available on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to place an order contact us and put your name on the list. Pickup is at the farm where we will leave your eggs for you in a prearranged spot for your convenience provided payment is made ahead of time by e transfer. Our birds are fed organic feed and live in the pasture with mobile homes and fencing so that they get the benefit of doing what chickens are supposed to do. We are in the process of setting up a food forest for our birds so that we can provide the environment that chickens would originally have lived and thrived in.

These efforts are reflected in the wonderful taste and colour of our yolks!

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