2021 Flower Subscription Sold Out

Early Bird Family Farm CSA Terms & Conditions

Early Bird Family Farm CSA Policy 2021


Our Responsibilities

  • Provide share holders with fresh, chemical free cut flowers
  • Having your share ready for pick up at the agreed upon time
  • Dealing with any concerns in a timely manner


In severe cases of bad weather, our crops can be damaged as we grow exclusively outdoors.  If pests or diseases occur, we will not use chemicals as our mandate is to grow a chemical free product.  If worse comes to worst and we are not able to fulfil your order on any given week due to weather or pests we will try our best to make up for losses with other offers and or additional weeks of delivery if at all possible.


Share Holders Responsibility


As a CSA member you are responsible for:

  • Picking up your flower share at the pre-arranged time and place or have someone else pick up your bouquet if you are not able too.
  • If there are any problems with your share ideally you would let us know within 24 hours so we can resolve any issues


Missed Pick Ups


  • If circumstances make it impossible to pick up your bouquet, we will do our best to accommodate another pick up time. We cannot guarantee availability outside farm hours.




Our main form of communication will be through email. Please be sure you are receiving our emails once you sign up and if not please contact us directly so it can be remedied.

You can also reach us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/earlybirdfamilyfarm as well as our Instagram page www.instagram.com/earlybirdfamilyfarm


Payment Options


CSA shares are payable by e-transfer or credit card online or  over the phone.

E-Transfers can be sent to info@earlybirdfamilyfarm.com


Cancellation Policy


A CSA is non-refundable but is very flexible and can be given to someone if you cannot receive them anymore or you can reach us directly to make other arrangements if you happen to be going on vacation or will be out of town.