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At Early Bird Family Farm we are inspired by the heirloom varieties of flowers and vegetables and spend hours researching types of blooms that perform well in a vase so that you can get as much enjoyment as possible out of your bouquet. It is our passion to create a healthy home not only for ourselves but for all living things from the smallest insects to frogs, birds and mammals. It is this biodiversity that helps keep our crops pollinated and the pests in balance. It is all about working with Mother Nature, not against her, growing bee-friendly flowers, and flowers free of any pesticides.

Why Local is Better


Over 80 % of cut flowers are imported, shipped from thousands of miles away in lots of packaging and fumigated upon arrival to ensure they don’t bring any unwanted pests into Canada. Since flowers are not edible crops they are exempt from regulations on pesticide residues and often chemicals are not only lethal to the pollinators but highly hazardous to humans. There are also considerable labour concerns.


About the Farm

No matter what we grow whether it be our hay, vegetables or our flowers, these are the principles we follow:

Build soil health through using rotational grazing of our animals and birds and composting everything we can and applying it back to the soil.

Encourage a balance of insects, birds and wildlife and provide conditions that are as healthy as possible.

Enhance the health of the watershed and the air around us by not putting anything on the plants or soil that will find it’s way into the ground water or our pond.

Constantly work at increasing the nutrition and flavour of the foods we produce.

Enhancing the beauty and value of the land from the perspectives of humans and non-humans.

Pollinator Conservation Garden

While different pollinators may have specific needs to support each stage of their lifecycle, they all need high-quality habitat that provides an abundance of flowers, shelter and nesting sites, and protection from pesticides. Pollination results in the production of seeds and without seeds plants do not produce and thus the majority of plants that we rely on for food, nutrition and beauty, cease to exist.

On Early Bird Family Farm we host hives of rescue bees. You can think of our farm as their rehab centre and we do everything we can to assist their recovery.


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