Amaranth – Hot Biscuits (out of stock)

Amaranth – Hot Biscuits (out of stock)


Out of stock

Amaranth - Hot Biscuits / Amaranthus spp.

Includes 1 packet with minimum 100 seeds

Bronze to chestnut-colored plumes are ideal for autumn bouquets and bunches,  great for drying. 

Tall (40-48 in)  well branched,  heat loving plants that produce armloads of blooms.


DAYS TO GERMINATION:7-10 days at 70-75°F (21-24°C).

SOWING: Transplant:Sow 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Barely cover seed. Bottom water or mist to avoid covering seeds with displaced soil. Harden off by growing at 62-65°F (17-18°C) and transplant outside after last frost.
Direct seed:After last frost, sow thinly, barely covering the seed. When seedlings have first true leaves, thin to 12-15″ apart. May require support. 


SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Well-drained soil.

PLANT SPACING:12-15″. For upright, plume type, thinner and more manageable stems can be achieved using a tighter spacing of 3-6″.




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