Dahlia Giant Hybrids (out of stock)

Dahlia Giant Hybrids (out of stock)


Out of stock

Dahlia Seed - Giant Hybrids / Dahlia variabilis

Includes 1 packet with minimum 20 seeds

Growing dahlias from seed is an easy and economical alternative to tubers.   Save the tubers from the ones you love at the end of the growing season.

Giant Hybrid Mix produces 3–5" double, semidouble, and single blooms that bloom from July until frost.

Mix includes solid and bicolor blooms in shades of salmon, coral, white, light yellow, red, and lavender.



DAYS TO GERMINATION:3-5 days at 65-70°F (18-21°C)

SOWING:Transplant (recommended) – Sow 4-5 weeks before last frost. Cover seed with growing medium and keep soil surface moist until emergence. When seedlings have true leaves, transplant into larger cell packs. To maintain healthy seedlings, do not allow plants to become root bound and do not disturb roots. Direct seed – After last frost when soil is 65–70°F (18–21°C), sow thinly, 2 seeds/ft, 1/4″ deep. Cover lightly but firmly. Keep surface moist until emergence. Thin to 9-12″ after first true leaves appear.




TYPE: Annual.

Plants propagated from seeds will produce tubers that can be saved, stored and planted out the following spring. In the fall, after plants have died back but before the ground freezes, cut plants back to 2-4″ above the soil line and carefully dig tubers and remove excess soil. Let tubers cure for 1-3 days in warm location with some humidity, out of direct sunlight with ample air flow. Pack tubers in peat or vermiculite inside perforated plastic bags, boxes or crates.



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