Dill Bouquet (out of stock)

Dill Bouquet (out of stock)


Out of stock

Dill Bouquet 

Includes 1 packet with minimum 200 seeds

  • compact plants around 75-90cm (30-36") tall, works well in containers or smaller herb gardens.
  • fragrant, lacy foliage, large flower heads, and large seeds
  • attractive to beneficial insects
  • delicious as well as beautiful in bouquets
  • seed grown organically on our farm
  • 90% germination


DAYS TO GERMINATION: 7-21 days at 65–70°F (18–21°C). Successive sowings can be done every three weeks to harvest fresh greens continuously.

SOWING: Direct seed (recommended): Sow in spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Plant seeds 1/8- 1/4″ deep, 2 seeds per inch. Transplant: Sow 3-5 seeds per cell and thin to 1-2 plants each. Transplant to garden after threat of last frost has passed.

TYPE: Annual


SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Prefers a rich, light soil, but will grow in most soils.



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