Rudbeckia Chim Chiminee (out of stock)

Rudbeckia Chim Chiminee (out of stock)


Out of stock

Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan) - Chim Chiminiee

Includes 1 packet with minimum 100 seeds.

Yellow, milk chocolate, bronze, and gold blooms with long sun ray like petals.  Outstanding in borders.  

    • Annual
    • Height: 24-30"
    • Site: full sun
    • Days to maturity: 100 days
    • Seeds produced from plants grown on Early Bird Family Farm
    • 90% germination


DAYS TO GERMINATION: 8-14 days at 68-72°F (20-22°C)

SOWING:Transplant  – Transplant recommended.  Sow into flats 5-7 weeks before last frost. Cover seed very lightly as light is needed for germination. Harden-off seedlings and transplant out after danger of frost has passed.  Bottom water or mist to avoid covering seed. Direct seed – Surface sow 2 weeks before last frost. Heat and drought tolerant once established. Pinching not required. Reseeds.

TYPE: Tender Perennial



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